Air separation equipment

«GazSurf» offers a wide range of air separation units. We cover all of the industrial gases production needs: procurement of air separation units of small- mid- and high capacity for metallurgical, chemical, oil processing, petrochemical, glass industries, energy production and electronics manufacture as well as for the industrial gases dealers. 

We produce and procure the following types of air separation units for production of nitrogen, oxygen and argon and extraction of rare gases fractions (Ne, He, Kr, Xe): 

  • Cryogenic units
  • Adsorption units (Short Cycle Adsorption)
  • Membrane units

«GazSurf» offers a broad production range of air separation units of all three types. We guarantee a reliable and trouble-free operation and high quality of supplied equipment.

Cryogenic reservoirs 

GazSurf offers a whole spectrum of different cryogenic reservoir models to take care of your product storage and transportation needs. Our reservoirs are suitable for various cryogenic products such as oxygen (О2), nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar), as well as LNG (CH4).

Quality, norms and standards

ISO 9001: 2000, ASME, certificates of conformity and permissions to operate the equipment issued by regulating authorities of Russia and Ukraine.

Control system

The equipment is fitted with a control system based on programmed controllers. The system gathers and process data from sensors, then sends out appropriate action commands. 

Materials and components

High quality and durable materials only are used in the production of the offered gas processing equipment. We rely on leading vendors for supply of best components.


The equipment comes in a state of high installation preparedness. Modular design literally allows for a plug and play installation and connection of the units on-site. This leads to a shorter and less expensive installation scenario and maintains a high level of quality assurance by keeping the influence of less-controlled installation environment to a minimum.


All of the supplied equipment passes rigorous factory trials and testing at manufacturers facilities. We make sure that the testing is compliant with the standards and norms of the operating country and our customers witness the testing procedures.


We also provide a complex aftersales support, including supervision of installation, start up and commissioning, operators training as well as maintenance and service.