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Modular equipment

Gasfractionation units

Gas fractionation units are technological complexes used to separate gas mixtures into individual components. They are based on the principle of distillation, where the gas mixture is fractionated because of the different boiling temperatures of its components.

The operation of gas fractionation plants relies on the differences in the physical properties of the gas mixture components, such as boiling temperature, pressure and affinity to specific materials or processes. As a result of the fractionation process, the gas mixture is separated into distinct parts with varying physical and chemical characteristics.

Gas fractionation units consist of several key components, including columns where the fractionation takes place, storage tanks for the products, cooling and heating systems, control and management systems.

Gas fractionation units have a wide range of applications. They are used for separating natural gas into components such as methane, ethane, propane, butane and others. They can also be used for processing crude oil, separating gas mixtures in the chemical industry, producing high-quality fuels and many other applications. These units can vary in scale, from small modular systems to large industrial complexes. They require high accuracy and process control, as well as ensuring safety while working with gas mixtures.

Gas fractionation units play a crucial role in meeting society’s energy and chemical needs by enabling efficient utilization and processing of various gas resources. They offer several advantages, including high efficiency in separating gas mixtures, the ability to handle a wide range of gas mixtures and the potential for process automation.

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