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Solutions and equipment

Dynamic Hardware

Dynamic equipment is a key element of any industrial enterprise and plays a crucial role in the production process. This type of equipment is used in various industries, including the fuel and energy, oil and gas, metallurgical, chemical, food, and other sectors.

Dynamic equipment refers to technological units necessary for the movement of fluids and gases, such as compressors, blowers, fans, pumps, and turboexpanders.

GazSurf offers a full range of services for the supply, installation, and maintenance of dynamic equipment.

Our company provides annual maintenance for 155 centrifugal, 25 reciprocating and 10 screw compressors.

Procurement and installation of a cryogenic vessel for Cryogenmash


Baikonur space launch site compressor equipment maintenance


Associated petroleum gas treatment plant “KEN-SARY”


Oxygen plant

Amur region