Chief installation and supervision

Gazsurf specializes in performing chief installation and supervision of equipment. Our highly skilled specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in the installation, configuration, and optimization of technological complexes and different equipment.

Chief installation is the organizational and technical guidance by the contractor over the execution of activities related to the receipt and unpacking of equipment, as well as consultation, monitoring and supervision of the quality and scope of the construction and installation works within development of Detailed Design Documentation and its responsibility, ensuring compliance with the requirements of governing documents and other normative and technical documentation, operational documentation of the manufacturer/supplier.
Our specialists ensure that the equipment is properly installed and meets the technical requirements. They perform quality checks on the installation, connect systems, and carry out necessary adjustments.

Chief supervision is a continuation of the chief installation and involves a complex of activities for commissioning, testing, preparation for startup and putting into operation of the equipment installed at the operation site. During supervision works GazSurf specialists perform equipment verification and adjustment prior to its actual startup and subsequent commissioning. Our specialists conduct comprehensive tests of functionality, adjust specifications, check the safety of systems, and perform necessary testing and adjustments.


  • Qualified specialists: chief installation should be performed by experienced and qualified specialists who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the equipment’s technical requirements.
  • Adherence to manufacturer’s instructions: it is important to carefully follow the instructions, manuals, and recommendations provided by the equipment manufacturer. Chief installation should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Individual approach: different equipment has its own characteristics and installation requirements. Chief installation should be conducted considering these specificities and ensuring correct system operation.
  • Quality control: it is important to conduct quality checks after the completion of each step of installation works to ensure proper configuration and functionality of the equipment. It is necessary to verify and that all specifications meet the requirements and the equipment functions properly.


  • Preparation and planning: supervision activities should be carefully planned and prepared in advance. This includes determining the sequence of actions, creating a work plan, and selecting the necessary resources and tools.
  • Qualified specialists: supervision activities should be carried out by experienced specialists who have the necessary knowledge and skills in the field. They should be familiar with the specifics of the particular equipment and its operating processes.
  • Testing and adjustment: during the supervision process equipment should be tested and adjusted according to its technical specifications. This includes checking the performance of each component and the system as a whole, adjustment of specifications, installation of alarms based on setpoint of controls, as well as conducting necessary tests and corrections.
  • Safety checks: equipment safety is one of the key aspects of chief supervision. Safety checks include electrical safety control, emergency shutdown system configuration, checking of the protective devices and other measures aimed to minimize risks for men and equipment.
  • Documentation and reporting: documenting all performed activities and test results is an important aspect of commissioning. This allows to have a comprehensive information about the supervision process and its utilization in subsequent operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Chief installation and supervision are integral parts of the process of technical equipment installation and putting it into operation. A qualified and professional approach to this process ensures the reliable and efficient operation of the system, as well as the long service life of the equipment, guarantee the proper and effective functioning of the installed equipment.

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