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Modular equipment

Cooling units

Cooling units are designed to reduce the temperature of gas streams to the required values. They are widely used in various fields such as oil and gas industry, chemical production, energy sector and others.

There are different types of cooling units such as compressor, absorption and thermoelectric systems. Compressor systems are the most common and they are compressing the cooling agent. Absorption systems use heat to evaporate the cooling unit, while thermoelectric systems use a current to create a temperature difference.

Cooling units can be designed and configured to meet different temperature requirements and gas volumes that require cooling. They can be used to control the temperature of gas streams before further treatment, transportation or during production process.

Cooling units can be implemented as compact blocks that are easy to install and dismantle making them convenient for transportation.

Methanol regeneration unit in modular design for "YATEC"


Propane cooling unit for gas pre-treatment plant


Complex inspection of the compressor station for Irkutsk Oil Company

Irkutsk region

Ridder metallurgical works air separation plant retrofit design