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Modular equipment

Gas dehydration

Gas dehydration is the process of removing moisture from gases and gas mixtures, typically done prior to natural gas transportation through pipelines or low-temperature gas mixtures separation into components.

The technologies used for gas dehydration in industrial conditions can be divided into two main groups:

  • Absorption — a technology that utilizes liquid absorbents (glycol dehydration)
  • Adsorption — a technology that uses solid absorbents (such as zeolites, silica gels, or activated alumina)

Also to preliminary remove excess moisture direct cooling are being used.

The key components of modular gas dehydration equipment include:

  • Dehydrators — devices used to remove moisture from the gas by cooling and condensation
  • Sorbent filters — devices used to remove impurities and water from the gas
  • Compressors — devices used to transfer gas to the dehydration system and transport it through pipelines
  • Pipelines and valves — components used for gas movement within the dehydration system and its distribution

Kolesnikov metallurgical works air separation plant retrofit design


Maintenance of compressors at the Minnibaevsky GPP

Republic of Tatarstan

Desulfurization unit capacity increase at Minnibaevskaya GPP

Republic of Tatarstan

Schekinoazot OHK Air separation unit construction concept design

Tula region