Conceptual engineering is the process of developing and defining the concept of a project before its implementation. It is the first stage in the project life cycle and plays a key role in defining its goals, requirements and overall strategy.

The goal of conceptual engineering is to create a general project concept that defines its key characteristics, functionality, and operating principles. This process includes requirements analysis, market research, identification of technical solutions, and conceptual design.

Conceptual engineering involves the development of conceptual diagrams, block diagrams, schematic diagrams and other visualizations that help understand the key aspects of the project. It may also involve experimentation, modeling and analysis of the proposed solutions performance and effectiveness evaluation.

Conceptual engineering plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful implementation of projects as it helps determine the right development direction, establish goals and requirements, and mitigate risks while improving project efficiency.

GazSurf specialists hold vast experience when it comes down to project management and development, constantly participate in professional conferences and exhibitions and have a variety of close connections with equipment vendors and design institutions which is crucial for our “knowledge bank” concept.

Our goal — is to help create and manage projects that bring profit and esthetical enjoyment to our customers.

Associated petroleum gas treatment plant “KEN-SARY”


Irkutsk Oil Company Complex Gas Treating Unit with transport system


PAO "Yatec" UKPG-1 process model development


Helium extraction out of vented gas feasibility study at Tatneft cryogenic unit