Oil and gas treating equipment procurement

«GazSurf» procures and supplies oil and gas treating and compression equipment varying in size and options. We’ll deliver equipment you require whether it is a separate process skid or a whole gas processing plant.

GazSurf has developed its very own proprietary standardized range of modular gas processing units. A process train of any complexity can be built out of these skids. Anything from a simple gas treating station (dew point control skid) in the field up to a complex gas processing plant with a high hydrocarbon product recovery rate (up to 90+%) and a broad spectrum of end products.

  • Compression
  • Feed Gas dehydration and contaminants removal
  • Sour components removal
  • Fractioning
  • Gas cooling
  • Complex solutions 
  • Small-scale Gas Processing Plants

Standards and Quality

All of the supplied equipment is compliant with the present quality standards, comes with all necessary certificates and permits in accordance with requirements of a country where it will be operated (ISO 9001: 2000, АSМЕ).


The equipment comes in a state of high installation preparedness. Modular design literally allows for a plug and play installation and connection of the units on-site. This leads to a shorter and less expensive installation scenario and maintains a high level of quality assurance by keeping the influence of less-controlled installation environment to a minimum.

Materials and components

High quality and durable materials only are used in the production of the offered gas processing equipment. We rely on leading vendors for supply of best components.


All of the supplied equipment passes rigorous factory trials and testing at manufacturers facilities. We make sure that the testing is compliant with the standards and norms of the operating country and our customers witness the testing procedures.